Beans, Kidney, Dark Red

Beans, Kidney, Dark Red are another dry bean that we keep in our vegan pantry, where they are always ready for us to make into a chili or another vegan recipe.

Beans, Kidney, Dark Red

Beans, Kidney, Dark Red

We could not find a lot of specific information about dark red kidney kidney beans; however, on eHow, we did find this comment: “Dark red kidney beans and light red kidney beans, while slightly different in color, are extremely similar in flavor, texture and nutritional value. While the two beans are actually different species, they can be used interchangeably.” Dark red kidney been have a slightly thicker skin than the lighter red species, but we could find nothing about the specific species name, and references still list them as native to Central and South America. Dark red kidney beans, like other kidney beans have a whitish interior. We use these cooked dark red kidney beans on our salads, in chili, and in other recipes calling for kidney beans.

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