Beans, Small Red

Beans, Small Red, are another bean to keep in your vegan pantry that when cooked they make a great addition to a salad, or a chili.

Beans, Small Red

Beans, Small Red

Small red beans are similar to red kidney beans, except that they are smaller in size, and, in our opinion, their flavor is slightly different. Small red beans are also called Mexican Red Beans. They hold their shape and firmness when cooked. Small red beans can be used in soups, salads, chili and Creole dishes. We could not find complete nutritional information for small red beans, but were able to find the following:

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Nutrient (per 100 g) Units Quantity (Raw) Quantity (Cooked)
Calories kcal 335.0 142.0
Carbohydrates g 60.7 26.3
% of Calories from Carbohydrates % 71 72
Protein g 22.3 8.7
% of Calories from Protein % 26 24
Fat g 1.3 0.6
% of Calories from Fat % 3 4
Dietary Fiber g 24.4 6.4
Folate mcg 369.7 139.9
Calcium mg 155.0 70.0
Iron mg 6.4 2.5
Sodium mg 14.0 1.0

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