Corn on the Cob – Bicolor

Corn on the Cob, Bicolor – A Vegan Pantry Ingredient from Vegan Venue

Corn on the Cob, Bicolor is a really a whole grain that we most often think of as a vegetable, which we eat immediately or refrigerate for a few days.

Corn on the Cob, Bicolor

Corn on the Cob, Bicolor

Most people probably think of corn on the cob as a vegetable, but it is really a grain.  There are several common varieties: yellow, white, and mixed white and yellow, which is pictured here.  In our experience, we have seen only the yellow variety sold frozen either on the cob or cut.  We have found a variety of flavors in corn on the cob depending on where it is grown and how long it has been since it was harvested.  The longer it has been since the corn was harvested, the more bland the flavor, and the more “gummy” the texture.  We have found it best to buy only fresh corn on the cob that has a nice green husk.  We could not find any nutritional information for bicolor yellow and white corn on the cob, but estimate that it should be somewhere in the middle of the nutritional information we have for white corn on the cob and yellow corn on the cob.

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