Pasta, Elbows, Whole Grain Brown Rice

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Pasta, Elbows, Whole Grain Brown Rice is a commonly shaped pasta, or macaroni in a vegan pantry that is most often used in pasta salads and “mac and uncheese” recipes.

Pasta, Elbows, Whole Grain Brown Rice

Pasta, Elbows, Whole Grain Brown Rice

This is an excellent pasta for people who want gluten-free grain products. The ingredients are: stone-ground brown rice, rice bran, and water.  The cooking instructions were somewhat different than we’ve seen for whole wheat pasta: place in 4 quarts of boiling water, with 1 tbsp. salt (it cooks just as well without the salt), and cook for about 15 minutes; or let it boil for 2 minutes; cover, turn off the heat, and let stand for 20 minutes. The whole grain brown rice elbows cooked to a very nice al dente texture, and can be used with any sauce, in stir-fries, or in soups.  We could not find a complete nutrition list, but believe that the cooked whole grain brown rice pasta should be similar to cooked brown rice.

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