Potatoes, Adirondack Red

Potatoes, Adirondack Red

Potatoes, Adirondack Red

We first encountered these Adirondack red potatoes in a local farm store. They are good tasting and can be prepared in any way you desire, but we prefer baking them in pre-cleaned skins to show off their beautiful color (since the skins are thin, we need to be careful to scrub them gently so as not to remove the skin). Wikipedia says that the Adirondack red potato is a hybrid potato variety with red flesh and skin, bred by Cornell University potato breeders Robert Plaisted, Ken Paddock and Walter De Jong and released in 2004. Adirondack Red potato tubers are unusual because both the skin and the flesh are colored and have high levels of anti-oxidants. They are described as “Early-to mid-season, medium-to high-yielding variety. Dark green decumbent to spreading vines bear oblong to long, slightly flattened, purplish-red-skinned tubers with shallow eyes and pink to red flesh.”

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