Rice, Black Sticky

Rice, Black Sticky – A Vegan Pantry Ingredient from Vegan Venue

Black Sticky Rice is an interesting rice to have in a vegan pantry, where it is available to use in any rice rice recipe to give the dish an interesting change in color.

Rice, Black Sticky

Rice, Black Sticky

Black sticky rice, or kao niow dahm (kao is rice; niow, sticky; dahm, black), as it is known in Thailand, is also called black sweet rice, black glutinous rice, and Indonesian rice. The wonderful flavor of black sticky rice makes it a favorite in Southeast Asia, where it is primarily used for breakfast, puddings and other desserts, but we have found that it also makes a great bed for cooked Oriental fruit and veggie recipes. We could not find any specific nutritional information for black sticky rice other than the general information listed on the package.

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