Rice, Brown Basmati

Rice, Brown Basmati – A Vegan Pantry Ingredient from Vegan Venue

Rice, Brown Basmati is an aromatic brown rice in our vegan pantry that we generally use with curry recipes.

Rice, Brown Basmati

Rice, Brown Basmati

Brown basmati rice is a stronger flavored whole grain rice that is a native of India. Recently, we have seen brown basmati rice that has been grown in the United States. It is a great addition to curry flavored dishes. We purchase our brown basmati rice from health food stores or from a food co-op. As its popularity grows, we expect that it will become available in most supermarkets. Brown basmati rice is more nutritious than the polished white variety; and we believe that it is always better to eat whole grains, rather than processed grains. We could not find detailed nutritional information for brown basmati rice.

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