Rice, Jasmine, Brown

Rice, Jasmine, Brown – A Vegan Pantry Ingredient from Vegan Venue

Rice, Jasmine, Brown is the most nutritious form of jasmine rice, and we have recently seen it for sale in supermarkets; it is great with oriental recipes.

Rice, Jasmine, Brown

Rice, Jasmine, Brown

Brown jasmine rice is an aromatic sticky rice, but we have found that it is not as aromatic as the white jasmine rice; however, the brown jasmine rice is much more healthful because it still contains the bran. Another name for jasmine rice is Mekong flower rice. Brown jasmine rice was originally only grown in Thailand, but it is now grown in other parts of the world. See the nutritional information below.

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Ingredients: ORGANIC BROWN RICE. Date Last Updated by Company: 04/12/2015

Source: USDA

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