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Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven – Photo and Description from Vegan Venue Microwave Oven vegan cooking is perfectly safe, and no one needs to fear the negative information, because it’s untrue and there’s no scientific evidence to support it. Vegan microwave cooking is completely safe. Microwaves are like radio waves, but much smaller. The ovens are also designed […]

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Wok, Stainless Steel

Wok, stainless steel is another type of wok to add to your kitchen cooking utensils! This is a stainless steel electric wok which we purchased after the Teflon coating on our other wok began to deteriorate. The highly polished cooking surface of this wok is also non-stick, as long as we stir continually.  We have […]

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Wok is an excellent kitchen utensil for preparing stir-fry entrees. This is an electric wok.  Traditional woks are made of metal and are designed for cooking over a gas flame.  Since we do not have gas where we live, we have become accustomed to cooking in our electric model.  Woks are excellent for preparing stir-fry […]

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Vita mix is a handy kitchen utensil that is used daily. This Super 5000 Vita-Mix is our most used portable kitchen appliance.  It is a rare day when we don’t use it at least once.  It has a “dry” and a “regular” container, and a heavy duty 2-hp motor.  The container on the mixer is […]

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Sprayer, Pump

Sprayer pump is great for spraying a light coating of vegetable oil or othe liquid seasonings. We purchased this pump sprayer to spray on light coatings of extra virgin olive oil, and other liquid seasonings, such as soy sauce.  By pumping the lid up and down, the bottle becomes pressurized.  The lid is removed, and […]

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Large Cooking Spoons

Large cooking spoons are must have kitchen utensils! We prefer using these large plastic cooking spoons because of their one piece construction.  Metal spoons with wood or plastic handles have a tendency to get food caught in the joint between the metal and handles; this cannot happen with these one piece molded spoons.  The black […]

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Spatulas, Soft

Spatulas that are soft are flexible to scrap mixtures off of bowls. Pictured here are three types of soft food preparation spatulas: the top one is a spoon shaped spatula, which is good for scooping ingredients; the middle spatula, is good for scraping the sides of bowls with stiff ingredients such bread and cookie dough; […]

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Rubber Spatula

Rubber spatula is excellent for scraping ingredients fromt the surface of mixing containers. This is a heavy duty rubber spatula.  It is excellent for scraping ingredients from the surface of mixing containers and for some lighter duty mixing jobs. Previous Utensil Next Utensil

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Scoop is handy for more than scooping ice cream! A scoop can make uniform and decorative half-sphere servings of sticky foods such as mashed potatoes, rice, and vegan ice cream. They are also handy for making uniform sized veggie patties. Once the scoop is filled with the food from the pot or container, it can […]

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Pot, Large Stainless Steel

Pot, large stainlesss steel is handy for cooking various kinds of vegetable soups. We have two large stainless steel pots in our kitchen, which we primarily use for cooking various kinds vegetable soups on the stovetop (thick soups are best cooked in a slow cooker).  The larger of the pots is slightly over 3-1/2 gallons, […]

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