About Us - From Vegan Venue

Vegan Venue is a web site to assist vegans and pre-vegans with getting started and maintaining a vegan lifestyle.

To further explore the many benefits of a vegan lifestyle, check out our Why Vegan section. There you will find resources and articles on how our daily choices in our lives impact the animals, our health, and the environment.

In our Vegan Recipes section we have information and helpful ideas about how to prepare whole food plant-based meals, some quick and easy suggestion, and even about preparing meals in a dorm style environment with only a refrigerator, a microwave oven, and a blender.

We also have a resource section with photos and information on different cooking utensils, vegan living, setting up a vegan pantry, vegan shopping tips, and substituting vegan products for you every day essentials.

For more information and question contact Kimberly at [email protected]