Baked Yams or Sweet Potatoes

Baked yams or sweet potatoes are a quick and easy vegan recipe for any meal. An averaged sized yam or sweet potato takes only 2 minutes preparation time and only 5 minutes baking time in a microwave oven. We often have them as a side dish to a large tossed salad for lunch, or for dinner or any festive meals such as Thanksgiving.

Baked Yams or Sweet Potatoes

Baked Yams or Sweet Potatoes


Yams or Sweet Potatoes

Baked Yams or Sweet Potatoes Cooking Utensils:

Baking Pan, Glass
Knives, Inexpensive Utility
Microwave Oven

Baked Yams or Sweet Potatoes Preparation:

Thoroughly wash the outside of each Yam or Sweet Potato and cut off any “bad” spots and ends. Leave on as much of the skin as possible. Punch a few holes in the skin of the potatoes with a small knife and place in the microwave oven on “high” heat for about 10 minutes per pound of Yams or Sweet Potatoes.

If baking in a regular oven, we suggest baking in a covered baking dish to keep the the Yams of Sweet Potatoes from drying out. Bake at 350 degrees F. for about 20-30 minutes per pound.

When the outer portions of the Yams or Sweet Potatoes have softened, test to make sure that the centers are soft, too, by gently sliding a small sharp knife into the Yams or Sweet Potatoes. If the centers are still “hard” extend the cooking time, rechecking about every minute or two in a microwave oven or every 5 minutes in a conventional oven.

Serve whole or split in half, lengthwise.


We try to always have sweet potatoes in our home, because we enjoy them baked as in this recipe or in other recipes such as baked or roasted veggies, in chili recipes, and curry recipes.

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