Baking Pan Stainless Steel

Baking pan stainless steel is great for baking such vegan recipes as cookies, oven cakes (no-fry pancakes), and anything else your heart desires. See more about it below.

Baking Pan Stainless Steel

Baking Pan Stainless Steel

More About Baking Pan Stainless Steel:

This polished stainless steel baking pan measures 12 inches by 16 inches and is essentially non-stick. The little bit of sticking we get from baking in the oven is easily removed with a little warm water and a light rubbing with a dish rag. It also takes up very little storage space in our kitchen cabinet. We purchased this baking pan online for $15.00 delivered to our home.

On this pan we bake between 12 large and 24 smaller cookies. We have also baked up to 12 of our vegan bean burgers. This non stick pan is also great for making roasted veggies. We are sure that you will also find several other uses for this versatile utensil, and we are equally sure that you will like it.

Some background information:

Over the years we have found that a surprising number of people really don’t know how to cook. So, by including a list of cooking utensils and equipment that we use in preparing each recipe. This helps other people plan what they will need to prepare that specific recipe. Additionally, we are including a description and photo of each utensil or piece of equipment. This also helps beginners know something more about each cooking utensil or piece of equipment. This also helps people build a kitchen inventory of things they will need to prepare almost any meal. And, if anyone needs anything else, all they have to do is ask. We will try to find what they need and post it here with the other things.

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