Baking Pan, Stoneware

Baking Pan, Stoneware – From Vegan Venue Cooking Utensils and Equipment

Baking pan, stoneware is excellent for baking bread, rolls, and deep-dish pizzas.

Baking Pan, Stoneware

Baking Pan, Stoneware

This is a photograph of an 11 X 15 inch stoneware baking pan. It has been dusted with a light layer of corn meal in preparation for baking rolls. We use this baking pan primarily for baking rolls and deep-dish vegan pizza. The surface of the stoneware baking pan is porous, and cannot be washed. It is cleaned by scraping off any adhering material after each use; and since we use no animal products, we are not concerned about bacterial or other contamination. The stains are from caramelized pizza toppings that have spilled onto the stoneware.

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