Baking Pan (Stoneware)

Baking pan (stoneware) is excellent for baking bread, rolls, and deep-dish pizzas. See more about it below.

Baking Pan (Stoneware)

Baking Pan (Stoneware)

More About Baking Pan (Stoneware)

This is a photograph of an 11 X 15 inch stoneware baking pan. We have dusted it with a light layer of corn meal in preparation for baking rolls. We use this baking pan primarily for baking rolls and deep-dish vegan pizza. The surface of the this kind of baking pan is porous, and we don’t believe that it should be washed. It is cleaned by scraping off any adhering material after each use; and since we use no animal products, we are not concerned about bacterial or other contamination. The stains are from caramelized pizza toppings that have spilled onto the stoneware.

These kinds of pans are available from specialty cooking stores or online. They are well worth purchasing. By dusting the surface with flour or rolled oats before baking, it prevents the dough from sticking to the surface.

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