Bread Pan (Stoneware) – A Vegan Venue Cooking Utensil

Bread Pan (Stoneware):  We believe that stoneware aids in the uniform baking process of breads.  The only disadvantage of a stoneware, such as this bread pan, is that bread can occasionally stick, as it does in metal pans; but stoneware should not be oiled to prevent sticking so we dust the pan with a little flour to prevent sticking.

Bread Pan (Stoneware)

Bread Pan (Stoneware)

To keep bread from sticking, we use either a coating on the bread dough, or dust the stoneware with cornmeal or flour, as can be seen in this photo.  We do not wash stoneware, but scrape off any stuck on ingredients.  When removing the bread pan from the oven we let it cool slightly on a wire rack before removing the bread from the pan, which might require a little nudging by running a flat table knife or spatula around the edges and slightly lifting the bread from the pan in several places to release it so that the bread will fall out when the pan is inverted.

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