Cabbage Soup Chick Pea Elbows

Cabbage soup chick pea elbows is a vegan recipe that is great as an appetizer, or for a soup and salad meal. It takes about 1 hour to prepare and another hour to finish cooking, and will make enough for about 10 soup and salad meals and about 20 servings as an appetizer. The cooked leftovers can be stored in the covered pot or other covered containers in the refrigerator for 4 or 5 days without loss of flavor. If you wish to make a smaller amount of soup, cut the recipe in half.

Cabbage Soup Chick Pea Elbows

Cabbage Soup Chick Pea Elbows


1 Cabbage, large
1-1/2 lbs. Onions
One lb. Carrots
1 lb. Green Beans, cut, fresh or frozen
1 lb. Corn, frozen
One lb. Peas, frozen
1 – 28-oz. can Crushed tomatoes
12 oz. Tomato Paste
2 tbsp. Oregano, dried leaves
2 tbsp. Sweet Basil, dried leaves
Two tsp. Caraway Seeds
1 lb. Chick Pea Elbows
Hot Pepper (Cayenne) or Hot Sauce, to taste

Cabbage Soup Chick Pea Elbows Cooking Utensils:

Food Processor
Knives, Inexpensive Utility
Large Cooking Spoons
Measuring Cup, Liquid
Measuring Spoons
Pot, Large Stainless Steel

Cabbage Soup Chick Pea Elbows Preparation:

Begin by placing 1 gallon of cold water in a large covered soup pot on the stovetop on high simmer heat, add the frozen veggies, mix, and simmer until the water begins to warm.

While the water is heating, wash and clean the cabbage and fresh green beans, and cut the beans into 1 inch long pieces and add to the soup pot along with the crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, caraway seeds, basil, oregano, and hot pepper, and mix well.

Peel the carrots and onions and shred them along with the cabbage in a food processor or by hand, and add them to the soup pot on the stovetop, mix well, and continue simmering until the veggies are tender.

When the soup begins to boil, reduce the heat to just maintain a slight simmering boil, and cover the pot, mixing about every 10 minutes.

When the veggies are tender, add the chick pea elbows and mix well for a few minutes, then turn off the heat, cover the pot again, and let the pot sit on the stovetop.

Mix every 5 or 10 minutes until the pasta is tender to your liking.

Serve and enjoy.

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