Crock Pot (6-1/2 Quart)

Crock Pot (6-1/2 quart) slow cooker helps make cooking easy with beans, soups, chilies, and more! See more about it below.

Crock Pot (6-1/2 Quart)

Crock Pot (6-1/2 Quart)

More About A Crock Pot (6-1/2 Quart):

We purchased this 6-1/2 quart Crock Pot slow cooker because our smaller one did not made more than enough food for one meal, but this one makes enough for 2 or more meals.  The best feature of the slow cooker is that we can let it cook all night, which is great for bean soups, and we can continue to cook when we’re out during the day.  When we’re not in attendance, we set the Crock-Pot control to “low,” as shown in this photo, so that the contents do not stick to the sides and over-cook.  When we are around to mix the contents every hour, the “high” setting is sometimes best.

Always cook with the lid on the pot.  Another good feature of the Crock Pot is that the inner pot is removable for easy cleaning.

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