Figs, Calimyrna Dried

Figs, Calimyrna have a delicate nut-like flavor to some people, but it may have to do with where they are grown, because we haven’t tasted it.

Figs, Calimyrna Dried

Figs, Calimyrna Dried

About Calimyrna Figs

According to one source, Calimyrna figs have a delicate, nut-like flavor, which we have not noticed, but the flavor is still good; however, we believe that the dried Kalamata figs have a better taste. When dried, the Calimyrna turn golden tan, as seen in the photo. The Calimyrna fig were originally grown in Turkey where it was called the Smyrna fig, for the famous ancient Turkish city. When California growers began cultivating this fig, they changed the name to Calimyrna. We could not find and specific nutritional information for Calimyrna figs.

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