Glass Cutting Board

A glass cutting board is a great for everyday cutting needs in the kitchen. See more about them below.

Glass Cutting Board

Glass Cutting Board

More About A Glass Cutting Board:

We purchased our 16 X 20 inch tempered glass cutting board many years ago, and it has been on our counter getting daily use every since. The nicest thing about these glass cutting boards in that they don’t harbor any bacteria in knife cuts as do wood and composition cutting boards, and they are easy to wash or wipe clean. And, because the cutting board is made of tempered glass, it also doubles as a hot plate, since it rests on four rubber corner pads that provide an insulating air space below.

There are several manufacturers of tempered glass cutting boards, and they come in various sizes and sell for as low as $10.00 in the smaller sizes. These are a must for every kitchen.

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