Green Figs

Green figs are a vegan delight to eat any time of the day as a snack, or for breakfast, or for a dessert for any meal; they are soft and sweet.

Figs, Green

Figs, Green

About Green Figs

This is a pint container of fresh ripe green figs that we purchased in our local supermarket. We rarely see fresh figs for sale in the market because they are so perishable, so we usually buy them when they are available.  “Green” refers to the color of the ripe figs.  Like other figs, they are very soft when ripe and easily bruised.  Select figs that are free of bruises and blemishes, and that are not oozing any juice.  When fully ripe these figs will store for a few days in the refrigerator. Just wash them and eat them as they are. They’re great!

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Some background information:

Over the years, people have been asking us, “What do vegans eat?” This is probably because they first think about a flesh product as the main meal, and then think about everything else as a side dish. So, we began publishing the huge variety of plant foods that are available for us to eat in this section of our web site. Additionally, we are always on the lookout for something new to add to our collection and experiment with to incorporate into our meals. We have also found that eating mostly unprocessed plant foods make us much more healthy.

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