Lentils, French or Green

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Lentils, French or Green are nice to have in a vegan pantry, but they are  more expensive that the regular lentils, so we use them mostly for special recipes.

Lentils, French or Green

Lentils, French or Green

French lentils are a small dark speckled lentil (bean), which are sometimes referred to as “green”. They are a firmer lentil that takes a little longer to cook, but they have an excellent flavor. French lentils originated in Southeast Asia along the Indus River, where they remain quite popular. Their French name “Puy” comes from their growth in the Puy region of France. We have not found French lentils in supermarkets in the United States, but they are readily available from coops, health food stores, and many specialty food stores. They are an excellent ingredient for soups, salads, and many other recipes, including curries. We could not find nutritional chart information for these lentils, but like other lentils, the French green are low in fat and high in protein and fiber.

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