Melon, Crenshaw

Melon, Crenshaw

Melon, Crenshaw

About Crenshaw Melons

Crenshaw melons are oblong with a tapered stem end, and sometimes have a blunted opposite end.  Some Crenshaw melons have been known to grow as large as watermelons.  They have a greenish skin that ripens to a bright yellow.  It is always best to purchase a vine ripened Crenshaw melon, but they will also ripen on the countertop.  When the skin, particularly on the ends, yields to gentle pressure, the Crenshaw melon is ripe.  Ripe Crenshaw melons emit a musky fragrance.  The sweet inner flesh is usually a pinkish orange, but may also be yellow or even ivory.  We could not find significant nutritional information other than that they seem to have more vitamin C and less vitamin A than a cantaloupe.

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