Napa Red Cabbage

Napa red cabbage makes a beautiful addition to raw salads. See more about it below.

Napa, Red Cabbage

Napa, Red Cabbage

About Red Napa Cabbage:

Red napa cabbage is a very new variety of Chinese cabbage that was developed by the Kwonnong Seed Co., LTD. and released in 2016. We first saw it in a supermarket in 2017. Red napa cabbage is also known as red Chinese cabbage, and is botanically classified as Brassica rapa subsp. pekinensis. The name “napa” comes from a Japanese colloquialism referring to any type of leafy vegetable. Over time, it has come to be used to describe this particular variety of Chinese cabbage. Napa cabbage is sometimes referred to as Pe-tsai or celery cabbage in Asia.

The literature says that the flavor of red napa cabbage is slightly different than that of the green napa cabbage variety; it is mild and sweet, not bitter like many other red cabbage varieties, but we didn’t think it was much sweeter than the green variety; however, it tasted good and we ate it raw in a tossed salad where the purplish color really brightened up the salad.

We could not find complete nutritional information for this variety of Chinese cabbage, but the literature on the internet says that it is rich in vitamins C and A, as well as zinc and calcium. The deep burgundy or purple color of red napa cabbage is due to the presence of anthocyanins, phytonutrients responsible for pigment in fruits and vegetables, which also serves as a powerful antioxidant, and this makes it more nutritious than the green variety.

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