Peaches, Donut, Yellow

Peaches, donut, yellow are a delicious variety of peach that have a very small pit.

Peaches, Donut, Yellow

Peaches, Donut, Yellow

About Yellow Donut Peaches

These peaches get their name from their flattened shape and depressed center, which resembles a donut, and “donut” may also be spelled “doughnut”. Wikipedia refers to them as Saturn peaches. We purchased these sweet and flavorful peaches at a local farm store. We also have found that their peaches cost was less than half that of the supermarket, though we have never seen this variety in any supermarket. Ripe yellow donut peaches are very juicy, but contain less juice that regular round peaches, and are one of the best tasting peaches we have eaten. The flesh of these peaches is a bright yellow. They also have a small free-stone pit, and are the least fuzziest of the peaches we have tried. Wisegeek says: “The origins of the donut peach can be found in Asia, where flat peaches have been cultivated for centuries. In the mid-1800s, several varieties were exported to the United States, and Chinese flat peaches, as they were called, became popular for a brief period of time. The fruits fell out of fashion, however, and the flat peach was considered an essentially lost heirloom variety until the 1990s, when it began to enter widespread cultivation again.” We could not find any information about the origin or these yellow donut peaches, not could we find any nutritional information specifically for yellow donut or flat peaches.  For general nutritional information see peaches.

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