Pears, Anjou

Pears, Anjou are crisp green pairs that do not change color when they ripen.

Pears, Anjou

Pears, Anjou

About Anjou Pears

The Anjou pear is also called Beurré d’Anjou or D’Anjou pear, which was originally cultivated in Europe. Anjou pears are short-necked green pears that don’t change color when they ripen. When they just begin to soften, they are ripe. Anjou pears have a whitish sweet flesh, which is semi firm and holds its shape when used in baking. We could not find any specific nutritional information for Anjou pears. See nutritional chart below for pears in general.

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Full Report (All Nutrients):  09252, Pears, raw

Food Group: Fruits and Fruit Juices
Common Name: Includes USDA commodity food A435
Scientific Name: Pyrus communis


National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference
Release 28 Software v.2.3.2
The National Agricultural Library

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