Rice, Jasmine

Rice, Jasmine – A Vegan Pantry Ingredient from Vegan Venue

Rice, Jasmine is a flowery fragrant rice that cooks quickly, but it is not as nutritious as brown jasmine rice. See more about it below.

Rice, Jasmine

Rice, Jasmine

About White Jasmine Rice:

This rice is a long-grain variety of this fragrant rice (also known as aromatic rice). Its fragrance, reminiscent of pandan and popcorn, results from the rice plant’s natural production of aromatic compounds. The name “jasmine” refers to the color of the rice, which is as white as the jasmine flower. It is moist and soft in texture when cooked, with a slightly sweet flavor. The grains cling and are somewhat sticky when cooked.

The aromatic nature of this rice is best appreciated when it is used as a bed for serving the spicy vegetables. Try it, we are sure that you will like it.

We could not find any detailed nutritional information. The only nutritional information on the rice bag was carbohydrates.

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Some background information:

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