Vegan Microwave Cooking is Safe

Vegan microwave cooking is safe. This is because all of the articles and rumors about their dangers are untrue. And, they have no scientific evidence to back them up.

Vegan Microwave Cooking Information

Harvard Medical School, in an article originally published in January 2015 and updated on 1 August 2017 stated:

“The cooking method that best retains nutrients is one that cooks quickly, heats food for the shortest amount of time, and uses as little liquid as possible. Microwaving meets those criteria. Using the microwave with a small amount of water essentially steams food from the inside out. That keeps in more vitamins and minerals than almost any other cooking method and shows microwave food can indeed be healthy.”

Vegan Microwave Cooking

Vegan Microwave Cooking

Many years ago when microwave cooking become popular, we began to hear rumors and saw a few articles about the dangers of microwave cooking. However, none of them mentioned cooking plant foods.

Something didn’t make sense

Microwaves are like radio waves, but much smaller. They are used on automatic doors to detect people approaching, and they are used on garage door openers and TV remote controls, without any of them causing any hazards.

Furthermore, microwaves don’t “nuke” foods; they excite polar molecules like water to vibrate very rapidly which produces heat, and this heat in turn cooks the food.

So we did some research and even conversed with a few of the people who did the research. We found that we were correct. There were no ill effects with cooking plant foods, and microwave cooking even preserved more nutrition, such as vitamin C, than any other form of cooking, because it cooked in less time.

The only food hazards occurred with microwaving animal products, but they also occurred with other forms of cooking. Cancer causing chemical compounds such as heterocyclic amines (HCAs) have been found in meat and fish cooked in a microwave oven. These compounds were not found in cooked vegetables.

The conclusion is that cooking vegan foods in a microwave oven is completely safe.  Additionally, this form of cooking is even more healthful than any other form of cooking.

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