Vinegar, Red Wine

Vinegar, Red wine is made from fermenting grape juice, and we suspect that it is usually made from poor wine grade grapes. However, it great in salad dressings.

Vinegar, Red Wine

Vinegar, Red Wine

More about red wine vinegar

This vinegar is made from fermenting grape juice, and we suspect that it is usually made from poor quality wine grade grapes.  The more expensive brands have been aged in wooden barrels, and are darker in color. We suspect that the darker color comes from the wood in the barrels. The lower priced brands are lighter in color and more transparent.

This fermented grape vinegar is excellent for making salad dressings.  The higher quality vinegars are best to use with unseasoned oil and vinegar dressings.  If other seasonings are added, we have found that less expensive brands are perfectly acceptable, because the seasonings partially mask the flavor of the vinegar.

We could not find any compressive nutritional information for red wine vinegar. However, we did find some other information:

Red wine vinegar boasts antioxidants that may fight bacterial infections and skin damage. These are primarily anthocyanins — pigments that give fruits and vegetables their blue, red, and purple colors. Additionally, a test-tube study determined that the anthocyanin content of red wine vinegar depends on the type and quality of red wine used to make it. Vinegars made with Cabernet Sauvignon tend to offer the most, providing up to 20 anthocyanin compounds.

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