Wheat, Hard Red

Wheat, Hard Red – A Vegan Pantry Ingredient from Vegan Venue

Wheat, Hard Red is a vegan pantry ingredient that we grind into flour for baking when a denser bread is acceptable or desired.

Wheat, Hard Red

Wheat, Hard Red

Even though wheat is mentioned in ancient writings, it is not the same as the commercial wheat we have today.  Our present day wheat is a variety of hybrid wheat grains which were developed from about 1920.  From what we have learned, this hybrid wheat is more allergenic than the traditional “wheat”.  A 100 gram (dry) portion of wheat contains 1.9 grams of fat (17 calories), 72.7 grams of complex carbohydrate (291 calories), and 12.3 grams of protein (49 calories). We could not find detailed nutritional information for hard red wheat.  (See Kamut for a detailed comparison of nutritional values between our modern day wheat and Kamut.)

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