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Animals-Why Vegan?

Animals-Why Vegan: Over 56 billion farmed animals are killed every year by humans. These shocking figures do not even include fish and other sea creatures whose deaths are so great they are only measured in tons.

Animals are not simply food products, but thinking, feeling individuals who want to live and enjoy their lives. An animal’s life is as important and irreplaceable to them, as ours is to us. But as children we are conditioned to view cows, pigs, chickens, sheep and fish as inferior beings whose reason for existence is to provide us with meat, milk and eggs. This way of seeing other species is known as speciesism. It’s time for us to change the way we see the other animals with which we share the planet. We need to stop thinking of animals as just resources, and to start viewing them for who they are: individual sentient beings whose lives deserve to be respected and valued.
The above footage is not graphic; it shows the experience of a cow who is waiting in line to die.

Many people are also unaware that in the last decade alone, more than 30 million wildlife animals — many endangered. They have been brutally killed by a secretive branch of the USDA that is primarily employed to destroy wildlife deemed a threat to animal agriculture.

The USDA: a problem

The USDA’s Animal Damage Control (ADC) program was established in 1931 to police and destroy wildlife animals considered to be detrimental to the western livestock industry. The government later changed the program’s name to “Wildlife Services” on the advice of public relations strategists, and changed their motto to the benign sounding, “Living with Wildlife.” In reality, Wildlife Services spends millions of tax-payer dollars each year to kill native carnivores and predators. They include: coyotes, wolves, bears, mountain lions, and many others. These animals were killed on behalf of the livestock industry. These animals are destroyed by the most violent and gruesome methods imaginable. They are gunned down from helicopters; poisoned; gassed; torn apart by trained dogs; strangled to death in neck snares; and caught in torturous leg-hold traps in which they languish and slowly die.

There Is No Such Thing as Humane Animal Farming

The very existence of labels like “free range,” “cage-free,” and “humane certified” attests to society’s growing concern for the welfare of animals raised for food. But any time consumers of meat, eggs or dairy advocate for “humane” treatment of farm animals, they confront an unavoidable paradox. The movement to treat farm animals better is based on the idea that it is wrong to subject them to unnecessary harm; yet, killing animals we have no need to eat constitutes the ultimate act of unnecessary harm.

Unlike animals who kill other animals for food, we have a choice.  Choose compassion. Go Vegan.

Animals-Why Vegan?

Animals-Why Vegan?

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