Yeast (Baking)

Yeast (Baking) – A Vegan Pantry Ingredient from Vegan Venue

Yeast (Baking) is a dry form of baking yeast that we keep refrigerated in our vegan pantry for baking bread and rolls.

Yeast (Baking)

Yeast (Baking)

Yeast are single-celled plants or microbes.  They are fungus that ferment starches and sugars.  One of the by-products of this fermentation process is carbon dioxide gas which forms little bubbles in bread dough and causes it to rise.  These fungus plants or microbes are killed during the baking process.  We purchase our dry baking yeast in bulk (1 or 2 pound packages) and store in tightly sealed glass jars in our refrigerator.  We have found two forms of commercial dry baking yeast: the one pictured above is an enlargement of the “bead” or granular form of dried yeast, and the other is an extruded “cylindrical” form; there is no difference in the performance of these different forms.

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